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As a broker who offers residential leasing services, I have the additional knowledge specific to this field. I am familiar and comply with the Real Estate Brokerage Act, the Act respecting the Tribunal administratif du logement, as well as the rules that apply

under the Civil Code of Québec.

In addition, I will take care of all the steps involved in the transaction: coordinating visits, completing the promise to lease with the lessee, recommending that the lessee read the by-laws of the immovable if the dwelling is located in a property held in divided co-ownership if applicable, and taking the necessary steps to obtain the lessee’s consent so that

the lessor can check his payment habits as well as ensuring visibility of and advertising the dwelling for lease. I will assist you with any credit or criminal record checks and help determine the costs incurred for your transaction. I will take care of the presentation and photography of the property and will promote it online and on social media.

It is important to know that as your real estate broker, I will represent your best interests and will easily find a happy medium in every situation which will contribute

to the successful signing of a lease.


Condo leasing is becoming more and more common. But did you know that, even as a tenant, you must abide by the rules set out in the property’s by-laws?

          I am a knowledgeable advisor and can navigate through these documents with you so that you have a full understanding of such regulations.

My rate or percentage of remuneration is not fixed and is based on free competition.

I will be glad to show you my business model and discuss with you further!

I can help you find your dream rented property or lessee! 

I will be happy to meet with you!

Renters: Tell me exactly what you’re looking for in terms of location,

size, amenities, and monthly rent and I will provide you with a list of options.

This will save you time.

I can also help find you apartments you might have otherwise missed.

If you’re renting from far away and struggling with a successful long-distance

apartment hunt, contact me now so I can assist you!

Lessors: I can help you find a suitable tenant!


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