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Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Jasmine Leblanc and I am a licensed residential real estate broker in Quebec who is fully qualified to assist you whether you are thinking of purchasing or selling, leasing or renting. With over 15 years in customer service experience, I have the skills to accompany you in each step of the process.

Who am I? A very structured person with great determination and I will add great value to your transaction with my professionalism, my perseverance and my power of persuasion as a negotiator. My energetic and sociable personality will be key to forming harmonious bonds that will be essential to the success of your future transaction. 

When you take me on as your broker, I will ensure that your needs are my priority and that your transaction takes place in a context where you are continually served by my exceptional skills and my great knowledge of the market. This and more will make me the ideal candidate to accompany you in your real estate transaction.

I am also very efficient and I have great problem-solving tactics: I only have solutions! 

I can easily anticipate and manage under pressure.

I will be able to guide you through the various steps so that you can make informed decisions.

In addition, I will be bound by a strict duty of loyalty to you and will always promote your interests and protect your rights. By doing business with me, you also benefit from my wide network of professional contacts which are also essential to the success of your real estate transaction. 

I will be glad to tell you more about my rate or percentage, which is of the lowest available.

The real estate market has been record breaking in these unique times.

Seize your opportunity!

Contact Me Today!

I want to...

Looking forward to meeting you!

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